Many Faces

by Robbie Sandoval


The video Nalini by Day, Nancy by Night presented interesting points on the relation between worker and employer expectations. There were many astonishing things that occurred during the short film, but one that sticks out was the giving of an alias. It seemed they were being molded into someone different leaving an aspect of their culture and identity. I started to question whether Globalization was starting to become extreme, and molding our world into something that could transition into a world void of cultural identity. Aside from this, the film was also relatable to the reading The Managed Heart. In this reading it’s mentioned that a factory worker and stewardess have to deal with a void of identity because they are required to emotionally detach themselves from the work. In the stewardess case, she is required to always smile even though perhaps she doesn’t feel the need/or want, but the job requires this. This could also be said for the call center worker, they have become robotic, and forced to changed a form of their identify in order to improve customer service.  Having to deal with a few forms of labor becomes exhausting, one could say that emotional labor is much more difficult to deal with than physical, but these workers have to deal with both kinds. The emotional distress caused to these workers is something that our society could also be the cause of. Have we been lacking so much understanding and intelligence that people have to change their names in order to not aggravate world citizens? Is the lure of making money, a reason for companies to apply rules and regulations that can hinder a society and have a significant cultural impact? Much could be said about how Globalization is transforming the labor force, but it’s bothersome to know the extent to which its happening. I felt bad for the worker in the video that was changing his tone in order to service different parts of the world, how confusing must this be for his identity.  It’s stated in the reading The Managed Heart that the consequences of such labor practices is “taking away from the self” of the workers, but it also doesn’t only occur in foreign nations, it happens in our very own country. With service being a huge part of American business we can see this happening everyday. I once was working at an office that required for a certain group to make calls to business’s, I found it interesting how one employee completely changed his voice in order to create a deeper tone as if this created an advantage. I remember standing back and thinking how fake this action was, I also felt bad knowing that the only way he thought he’d get a positive response was by lying to himself and the business owner. I guess the need for production had carried him to feel to this extent.